Meet the Pros

Crystal Chang

Crystal Chang started dancing at age 5. Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Crystal was classically trained in ballet, but her love of dance eventually led her to expand her knowledge, learn new styles and ultimately pursue dance as a career. Crystal launched her instructing career with a worldwide franchise in the D.C. area. Within her first year, Crystal made her company’s list of “Top 20 Teachers,” and by her second year, she was promoted to supervisor. After that, Crystal took the opportunity to move to Greenville and continue teaching with her company. In December 2012, Crystal opened Studio C where she continues sharing her passion for dance with novice and advanced dancers through private sessions and group classes.

(dancing with Moody Behery)

Maryna Ferris

Maryna began dancing at five years old.  She is a graduate of Poltava Art Academy, majoring in Choreography.  She is a winner and medalist of numerous Ukrainian championships.  Maryna also represented Ukraine at major International events in England, Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic.  Maryna is a member of W.D.C. and N.D.C.A. and a certified instructor in American Style and International Style.  With her skillful guidance you will feel very comfortable either making your first steps on the social dance floor or polishing your advanced moves.

(dancing with Nathan Wells)

Cesar Jaramillos

Cesar is the owner and director of Jaramillo’s Latin Dance Academy. He is also an experienced choreographer. Cesar is originally from Colombia, where he was taught all latin style dances. With over 25 years as an instructor and choreographer, Cesar makes an excellent teacher that will motivate and inspire all to learn to dance.

(dancing with Whitney Bradley)

Lindley Mayer

Lindley Mayer has danced for 23 years and more than anything her passion is to entertain and perform. She moved to Los Angeles, CA after high school where she resided for six years. She can be seen on projects such as; GLEE, The Oscar’s with Host Seth MacFarlane, Bunheads on ABC Family, America’s Got Talent, Victorious and performing for Lady Antebellum for the American Country Music Awards and more. She most recently worked on a campaign with Kay Jewelers to represent Jane Seymour’s Open Heart Collection. She can also be seen on Hunger Games in the role of Kaysa Minox, as well as The Walking Dead, short film entitled “Sangria Lift” and a pilot television series that was filmed in the Upstate as well as in California entitled “Morningside”. She is experienced in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Modern, Musical Theatre and Lyrical. She has appeared in commercials for NASCAR, Wii (Just Dance), Camp Rock Promo and The Big Help with iCarly. One of her favorite experiences was performing at Christina Aguilera’s home for her son’s 2nd birthday.

Lindley has trained professionally and worked for choreographers such as; Brian Friedman, Zach Woodlee, Mia Michaels, Marguerite Derricks and more. She has done choreography for many National Champion competition teams, college teams, studio teams as well as pageant soloists. She is the choreographer and lead dancer for a KCET Television show called “Shushybye”. She also performs the role of Magic Carpet in Disneyland’s “Aladdin- A Musical Spectacular.” She is currently the spokesperson for Benson Nissan and lead model for clothing company, Marley Lilly.

She was Miss South Carolina Teen 2005 and along with finishing 1st runner up to Miss South Carolina in 2013 she won overall talent for 2 consecutive years and now works on staff as the Prince/Princess Director and the Children’s Miracle Network Assistant! You can read and see more about Lindley’s professional career as well as her non-profit organization at!

(dancing with Ernesto Zapato)

Dmitri Naumov

Dmitri has 27 years of experience in both Ballroom and Latin dancing.  He is a winner of The Super Cup of Ukraine as well as many major National and International championships.  Dmitri enjoys the success of coaching top ranking couples both in Europe and the United States.  He holds the International Adjudicator degree with the World Dance Council.  Taking time to dance internationally, to teach and to judge, Dmitri traveled to Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Czech Republic.  He is also one of the top dance instructors among the Fred Astaire Dance Studios of North America.

(dancing with Donna Gottschall)

Ihor Pylyay

Ihor started dancing in his hometown of Poltava, Ukraine in 1992.  He was competing in the International Style, showing outstanding results in both Ballroom and Latin dance programs and becoming either a winner or finalist for numerous National and International dance championships.  He studied at Poltava University with a major in choreography.  Ihor was the National Ukrainian Champion in 1999 and was awarded the title of Master of Sport of Ukraine in 2004.  Ihor is a certified instructor in both International and American Styles and with his knowledge, experience and great personality, you will enjoy dancing to the fullest extent.

(dancing with Kate Hicks)

Misty Renfro

Although Misty Renfro is a native of the United States, for 18 years she was raised in the beauty of the tropics in The Republic of Panama. Much of her dance experience began with the sultry sounds and rhythms of steel drums and Latin music. Misty has always remained a raw dance talent with a passion for the art. Although formal training was not a pursuit of hers until she reached her 20’s, she successfully trained herself in different forms of free-style dance. Once she moved permanently to the United States, these skills allowed her many opportunities as a professional free style dancer within major clubs in the Tampa Bay area.

Her love for Ballroom dance began in her late 20’s when she became a full-time professional within the industry. She experienced massive success with her professional competitions as well as her Pro-Am competitions including regional victories and national platform finishes. However, her greatest passion and biggest success in dance has not been about herself. She will explain to you, with pride that her greatest achievements have been learning to instruct all forms of students successfully. She believes the most amazing part of dance is its ability to infuse confidence and self-awareness into the dancer. Misty also believes what a great gift it is to teach someone to become confident with themselves and learn to be comfortable in their own skin!

Misty is now practicing the art of dance instruction part-time and has become a beloved part of The Bachtel Realty Group of Greenville, SC. She loves her newest roll in life as “The Dancing Realtor”!

(dancing with Ted Phaeton)

Oleg Skrypnyk

Oleg’s ballroom dance story began in Ukraine in 1985. Year after year, competition after competition, his love of dance has grown stronger. Performances, competitions, seminars, coaching, and judging brought Oleg to Poland, Moldova, Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, England, and the United States. He has numerous great accomplishments including Ukrainian National Cup Winner, two-time Ukrainian National Championship Finalist, Fred Astaire National Closed Rhythm Champion, WDC World Pro/Am Silver Medalist and many others. Oleg truly has a passion for dance and if you dance with him, we know you will too!

(Dancing with Shea Kim)

Alex Zhylenko

Alex is a world renowned championship ballroom dancer, choreographer and adjudicator. Born in Ukraine, Alex began studying dance at an early age and has been dancing for more than 18 years. He is a certified competitor, dance teacher and adjudicator of the World Dance Council and a member of the prestigious International Dance Council of UNESCO. Alex is a two-time National Ukrainian Champion, and he believes in an engaged and dynamically based method of teaching. And, above all, it should be fun!

(dancing with Leslie Haas)

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